6 KW On-Grid Solar, Mr Sujith, Anayara Trivandrum


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the installation of a 6 kWp on-grid solar system, tailored specifically for Mr. Sujith in Anayara, Trivandrum. With the expertise of the best solar panel installation company, Lightsky International Pvt Ltd, and the advantage of MNRE approved solar panel installers, we embarked on this remarkable journey. Not only did we successfully complete the project with a 40% government subsidy, but we also transformed Mr. Sujith’s energy consumption and significantly reduced his KSEB electricity bill from a staggering 10,000 Rs per month to less than 100 Rs.

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Part 1: Free Site Visit & Accurate Estimation

Our initial step involved a meticulous site visit to Mr. Sujith’s property in Anayara, Trivandrum. With our expertise as the best solar panel installation company, we assessed the site’s unique characteristics and designed a customized solar solution. Through a comprehensive evaluation, we provided Mr. Sujith with an accurate estimation, showcasing the immense potential for energy generation and the projected financial benefits.

Part 2: Project Approval and Sturdy Truss Work

Following Mr. Sujith’s enthusiastic approval, we swiftly obtained project approval, leveraging our MNRE approved status as a trusted solar panel installer. Simultaneously, we initiated the installation of a robust truss framework, ensuring secure support for the solar panels. This sturdy foundation guarantees optimal positioning and exposure, maximizing energy production and efficiency.

Part 3: High-Quality Panel Installation

Our commitment to excellence drove us to select the best solar panels for Mr. Sujith’s 6 kWp on-grid solar system. These high-quality panels, installed by our skilled technicians, are renowned for their efficiency, durability, and impressive energy output. The use of top-tier components ensures long-term reliability, ultimately contributing to Mr. Sujith’s energy independence and substantial savings.

Part 4: Streamlined KSEB Approval Processes

With our extensive experience in navigating government regulations, we seamlessly facilitated the KSEB approval processes. Leveraging our MNRE approved status, we complied with all necessary regulations, ensuring compliance and grid connectivity. Our expertise in handling the paperwork expedited the approval, enabling Mr. Sujith to enjoy the benefits of the solar system without any delay.

Part 5: Testing, Deployment, and Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Following successful KSEB approval, we meticulously tested and deployed the 6 kWp on-grid solar system. Our skilled technicians ensured flawless functionality, precise wiring connections, and seamless integration with the grid. To empower Mr. Sujith in monitoring his energy consumption and savings, we incorporated advanced real-time energy monitoring equipment, allowing him to make informed decisions about energy usage.

Part 6: Annual Maintenance and Optimal Performance

At Lightsky International Pvt Ltd, we believe in the longevity and performance of our installations. Thus, we established an annual maintenance schedule to ensure optimal system performance and longevity. Through regular inspections, cleaning, and proactive maintenance, we ensure that Mr. Sujith’s 6 kWp on-grid solar system consistently operates at peak efficiency, maximizing his energy savings and return on investment.


Through the expertise of Lightsky International Pvt Ltd, a leading solar panel installation company, we successfully installed a 6 kWp on-grid solar system for Mr. Sujith in Anayara, Trivandrum. With MNRE approval and a 40% government subsidy, we enabled Mr. Sujith to experience energy independence while significantly reducing his monthly KSEB electricity bill. By choosing Lightsky International Pvt Ltd, Mr. Sujith embarked on a sustainable journey towards a greener future, enjoying substantial savings and contributing to a cleaner environment.