KSEB Solar Subsidy in Kerala: Empowering Renewable Energy Adoption

Solar Soura KSEB Subsidy Chart 2023


With the rising demand for renewable energy sources, the Indian government has introduced various initiatives to promote solar power adoption. One such scheme is the solar subsidy program, aimed at incentivizing homeowners and businesses to install solar panels. In Kerala, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has allocated a significant capacity for the state, which is being implemented by the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL). SkylightSolar by Lightsky International Pvt Ltd, an MNRE-approved company and KSEB empaneled installer, is actively participating in this program, providing customers with access to solar subsidies.

Solar Subsidy in Kerala:

The solar subsidy program in Kerala, implemented under the MNRE guidelines, aims to encourage individuals and businesses to switch to solar power. In the fiscal year 2021-22, the MNRE allocated approximately 200 MW of capacity for Kerala, making it a prime destination for solar power installations. The KSEB, along with the Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT), facilitates the implementation of this program.

Soura Phase 1 and 2:

The KSEB, through its mass mobilization initiative called Soura Phase 1 and 2, has been instrumental in promoting solar energy adoption across the state. This program extends the benefits of the solar subsidy scheme to residential consumers. Under this initiative, customers can avail themselves of a 40% subsidy for solar installations up to 3 kW and a 20% subsidy for installations up to 10 kW. With an allocation of 200,000 kW (200 MW) from MNRE, KSEBL is actively encouraging residents to embrace solar power. However, the remaining balance of approximately 70 MW is still available for interested applicants.

MNRE-approved Company: SkylightSolar

As an MNRE-approved company, SkylightSolar by Lightsky International Pvt Ltd plays a crucial role in facilitating solar installations under the Soura Phase 1 and 2 program. With expertise in solar panel installation and services, SkylightSolar ensures that customers receive top-quality products and adhere to the strict standards set by MNRE, ALMM, BIS, and IEC. By partnering with SkylightSolar, customers can benefit from the attractive subsidy offered by the KSEBL and contribute to a sustainable future.

How to Avail Solar Subsidy:

If you’re interested in installing solar panels and availing the solar subsidy in Kerala, you can easily register for KSEB subsidy Solar under the Soura KSEB initiative. To get started, simply contact SkylightSolar by Lightsky International Pvt Ltd through their website (www.lightskyinternational.com) or call them at +91 73562 13562. Their experienced team will guide you through the registration process and provide the necessary information to make the most of this opportunity.


The solar subsidy program in Kerala presents an excellent opportunity for residents and businesses to transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. With SkylightSolar by Lightsky International Pvt Ltd, an MNRE-approved company and KSEB empaneled installer, customers can benefit from substantial subsidies and reliable solar panel installations. Embrace the solar revolution today and contribute to a greener future for Kerala.

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